About Vareborg

Strawberry production in Vare  was founded in 1967 by my father, crafts teacher Andrew Andersson. The farm became his very own “castle” and the name was given (Vare + borg means Vare + castle in swedish)!

But a few years before that my mother and father began growing strawberries in a summerhouse in Skygge, Dagsås. The berries grown was the first few years transported by motorbike into the stores in Varberg, before they bought a car. In the late 60s they bought the farm in Vare and focused fully on cultivating good strawberries.

1991 me and my wife Birgit took over the farm from my parents. With new varieties and more advanced farming methods we now have increased the strawberry season from 2-3 weeks to about 2-3 months per year.

Kenneth Andersson